City-owned Services Available


Garbage Service

Curb-side pick up every Tuesday morning.  Please have garbage out by 7:30 am.

Recycling Service

The 1st and 3rd Fridays there will be curb-side recycling pick-up.  Please separate by plastic, tin, and glass together, and paper and cardboard together.  If you are in need of a blue recycle bin, please come to City Hall.

In between recycling Fridays, dumpster are available for recycling by City Hall.  Please no Styrofoam.  

We are highest per capita for recycling in the Landfill of North Iowa's region.

Dumpster Rental

The City of Latimer has 2 cubic yard and 3 cubic yard dumpster available for 2-week rentals.  During those 2 weeks, you can have up to 4 dumps.  Please see City Hall for more information.

Other utilities provided by the City

The City of Latimer provides Water and Sewer service for the entire city limits.  Monthly bills are mailed out on the first of the month and are due on the 15th of the month.  Monthly bills include water, sewer, and garbage fees.

To pay city bills

Tree Waste

Free to Latimer residents only, the City of Latimer have a tree dump 2.5 miles East of town.  Key for the locked gate is available at City Hall.

City-Wide Clean-up

Latimer encourages you to keep your property clean, so, to help with this, we hold a City-Wide clean up day in April every year.  Dump your stuff on the curb and the City crews will pick it up, some fees may apply.  There are some rules and restrictions so please check with the city office as certain items cannot be picked up.

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Latimer Volunteer Fire Department 2018

Including 2 Junior Fire Members

Latimer Volunteer Fire Department


We have a wonderful volunteer fire department, who are quick on the response for any emergency and are well trained at what they do.  Their station is located on South Donovan Street and includes a bay for the West Franklin First Responders.


Our Fire Department Officers

Jason Craighton, training officer;  Jason Schleisman, Secretary; Kyle Pralle, Assistant Fire Chief; Ben Symens, Training officer; Brian Folkerts, Fire Chief; John Johansen, Treasurer; Tyler DeBour, Assistant Fire Chief; Kyle McCormick, Treasurer-in-training.


West Franklin First Responders


Members include:  Alan Wharton,  Linda Wharton, Jason Craighton, Brett Dirksen, Carrie Fahrman, and Doug Peter; Not pictured: Chrysten Dohrmann and Matthew Wharton


Emergency Services

For any emergency please dial 911
Law Enforcement:  Franklin County Sheriff's Department.  641-456-2731
Latimer Local Responders:  Call 911
Ambulance:  Franklin General Hospital call 911
Fire & Rescue:  call 911.